drupa 2012
Speedwell 1450 Synchro-Fly
Sheeter grand launching at
drupa show in Duesseldorf,
Germany 3-16 May 2012
New Slitter Rewinder
With a speed of up to 1000 mpm,
Speedwell slitter rewinders are
available from 2000 to 3200 mm
working widths.
Speedwell is launching its synchro-fly (twin knife)
cutting technology at drupa 2012!
Twin knife cutting technology is the future of
paper cutting industry... Speedwell developed its
own system successfully with two (2) units installed
at Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) in Indonesia first
quarter of 2012!
Speedwell is now introducing its own T.C.P.S.
(Total Converting Package Solution)
Speedwell TCPS is a complete converting system
from Slitter Rewinders - to - Sheeting Machines - to
- Ream Wrapping Machines in one stop shop!
Speedwell has Duplex Sheeting Technology
Shafted or Shaftless Unwind Stands...
Speedwell Shafted Unwind Stands (mechanical or air expading shaft)
Speedwell Shaftless Unwind Stands for any unwinding application...
                                 TOTAL CONVERTING PACKAGE SOLUTION
Speedwell 1900 duplex Sheeters
Speedwell 2800 duplex Sheeters
Ideal for papermills without going thru winders...
Speedwell Paper Converting Equipment
New Semi-Auto Ream Wrapper
One feeder and 2 face-to-face
wrapping personnel, wrapping
reams makes easier and faster
up to 5 reams per minute...